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You are an awesome teacher!
I loved the class and the company wasn’t half bad ! I hope all goes well for you - I know, tons of people can benefit from this.
You helped me open my eyes to a bigger world of various types of metals and gemstones. You and Greg are really great people with big hearts
Thanks for everything.
Thanks for being the best instructor to make class fun and educational. Everything from Boolean Differences , to extrusions and everything in between.
I feel so blessed to have met both of you. I hope we can stay in touch. You are both awesome people. Thanks for all the info and tips - you are a fountain of knowledge. Good luck with the Insitute!
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Welcome to The Falkner Institute
CAD /CAM continues to revolutionize the jewelry industry.
The team at TFI is highly skilled and dedicated to create an industry standard in educating jewelry professionals, who can cater to the growing demand of CAD/CAM specialists.
Our approach offers students a comprehensive insight and hands-on experience on how to design not only beautiful creations but also mechanically well constructed pieces of jewelry.
We offer a range of courses in: Matrix, Rhino and the most advanced rendering programs, as well as CAM-Training in CNC -Milling.
Please inquire for the option of One-on-One Training and Corporate Training.
Rhino for Jewlery:
Design Training specific to the jewelry industry.
Rhino 4.0:
General McNeel –Rhino Tutorial , applications for all types of industries.

Experience live/real-time and interactive teaching out of the comfort of your own location!
Save time! Save money!
You don’t have to commute in traffic or spend money on travel and hotel! more...